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Before embarking on that next big adventure in the great outdoors, make sure costly repairs or breakdowns don’t cut your trip short along the road. Our goal as a company is to help serve the incredible RV community. By having a professional inspect your RV before purchasing or perform the proper maintenance to get you ready for the road, you can venture forth in confidence! 

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Trustworthy Inspection Every Time

With such an investment and lifestyle choice, you should always hire an inspector that will put your interest foremost in every aspect of the inspection. By getting an inspection from South Mountain RV Inspections and Services, you can be sure you will receive a comprehensive, honest, and thorough report that will let you know both the good and bad aspects of your purchase.

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Maintenance That Comes to You!

The hassle of finding and taking your RV to a repair shop is stressful and often cuts into your free time that should be spent exploring and adventuring. Our mobile repair service will bring seasonal maintenance, sudden repairs, and seasonal prep right to you. Save time for better things and let us come to you! 

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Your Experience is Our Priority

Wonderful people that count themselves as part of the RV community deserve the best customer service and we will provide exceptional service every time. We will always work to address any of your concerns during or after your inspection, maintenance, or repairs. Our goal is for you to leave well and thinking, “this was a great experience”!  

When South Mountain Inspects an RV

We do a comprehensive and extensive physical examination of the RV that usually takes the entire day.  The RV is examined thoroughly inside and out for damage and inconsistencies. All systems, electric (12VDC and 120VAC)/water/propane/safety, are tested to ensure proper operation. After the physical examination, we compile the information into a report featuring over 100 photographs. Each area of examination will be designated Acceptable, Fair, Poor, Not Inspected, or Not Present.  Any issues will be categorized as Life Safety, Major, Minor, or Noteworthy Comments.  The report will be available online within 48 hours and available to download.  After reviewing the report, we can discuss the findings.


Create Request List 

Through HomeGauge, you have access the Create Request List feature giving our clients quick and easy access to everything in the inspection report and makes adding any requested repairs simple for anyone.

Area of Operation

South Mountain RV Inspections and Services LLC

operates in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Including: Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

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