Standards of Practice

for Inspections & Services  

South Mountain RV Inspections and Services operates with NRVIA certified inspectors that rigorously follow the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice during every inspection service to ensure the quality of all the work and information gathered during the process. 

What we Inspect

  • Class A/B/C motorhomes
  • Travel trailers
  • 5th wheel trailers
  • Horse trailers with living quarters

    Types of Inspections and Services

    • Premier Pre-Purchase Inspection of RVs
    • Fluid analysis (oil, coolant, transmission fluid) for motorhomes and generators
    • RV Repair and Maintenance
    • Winterize/De-winterize
    • Seasonal Preparations
    RV 5th Wheel

    Premier Pre-Purchase Inspection of RVs 

    Buying an RV can be an enormous investment towards your adventurous lifestyle. By having a Certified RV Inspector perform a detailed report on every aspect of your motorhome you can be confident in your decision and be certain you are getting the value you deserve. All issues or needed repairs uncovered during the inspection process will be documented and listed in a comprehensive and easy-to-read report. The inspected areas include: 

    • Roof
    • Sidewall and End Caps
    • Slide Out Rooms
    • Awnings and Slides out Toppers
    • Chassis Turn Signal and Running Lights
    • 120 Colt AC Electrical System
    • Generator/Engine
    • Cabinet’s and Closet Conditions
    • Inverter
    • Coach Battery System
    • Fresh Water System
    • Waste Water System
    • Life Safety Item
    • LP Gas system
    • ASME Tank
    • Refrigerator
    • Water Heater
    • Weight Labels and Data Plates
    • Furnace
    • Cook Top/Stove
    • Air Conditioners
    • Washer/Dryer
    • In-House Vacuum System
    • Electric Fireplace
    • Cook Top Exhaust Fan
    • Ceiling Mounted Fans and Ceiling Exhaust Vents
    • Interior Conditions and Appearance
    • Furniture
    • Entertainment System
    • Shower/Tub Enclosure
    • Chassis and Undercarriage
    • Steering
    • Leaving System
    • Engine
    • Radiator
    • Transmission
    • Hitch System/Hook up
    Fluid Analysis

    Fluid Analysis  

    This is a highly recommended service for any RV with heavy usage or higher mileage. By taking samples of your oil, coolant, and transmission fluid and having them analyzed at a lab we get a much better idea of what is going on inside of your RV. With this knowledge, we can fully see the condition of your motorhome’s critical systems and inform you of any major issues you may have. These issues are very common among older RVs and could leave you stuck on the side of the road.  

    RV Repair and Maintenance

    RV Repair and Maintenance 

    Things can always happen when you’re on the move during your adventure or even when your RV is exposed to the elements while at home. We provide an exceptional service for regular maintenance of your RV, such as changing filters, oil, and other fluids, as well as maintaining the home function of your RV, including electrical, slide out, seals, roof, and plumbing.  


    We also offer mobile repairs for any system that has broken down along the way. Tire blowouts, leaky roofs, loss of battery power, or a broken water heater can make any outing into a disaster. We are here to help and we will come to you and get you back on the road in safety and comfort.  



    Let us handle the preparations for winter and fully flush and get your RV ready for storage so no liquids freeze inside the lines, causing damage and further costly repairs. And when winter is over, we will gladly return and get you setup to return to the road and warmer adventures. 

    Bad Weather Conditions

    Seasonal Preparations  

    Every season comes with its own set of problems. Our professional technician can make sure that your RV is ready for all the elements and you can enjoy every season both safely and comfortably.  

    Inspection Pricing

    Class A – $750-$1250
    Class B – $500-$750
    Class C – $600-$1000

    5th Wheel – $600-$1000
    Travel Trailers – $500-$900
    Horse trailers – $400-$600

    Service Pricing

     For most repairs and maintenance – $100/hour
    Black tank issues – $150/hour
    Winterize – $150
    De-winterize – $150 
    Outside 50 mile range – 75¢/mile 

    Area of Operation

    South Mountain RV Inspections and Services LLC

    operates in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

    Including: Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

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